Thursday, January 19, 2012

Let me be honest

On days that I'm working I usually make a mental to-do list and think about how productive I'm going to be when I'm off. HA. Recently I've discovered that I need at least one day to recover, especially after 3 in a row. Being a [new] nurse is just exhausting all.the.time sometimes. Did I remember to chart that? Did I give all my medications? Crap, my kid just ripped out his I.V.. Dangit, Hgb 6.4.. add blood transfusion to my list of things to do. OH, I'm getting an admission?! I spend my day asking a million questions (Shout out to my awesome team who always helps me out!), paging Doctors, checking chemo, and praying that my kids don't spike a temp because I really don't have time for blood cultures (98.6 degrees, I LOVE you). "They" say the first year is the most difficult and then as if it were magic, things begin to click and the days get easier. I could use some magic.. and a few days off.

Pretending to know what I'm doing

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Good Morning..

Oh man, it was exactly that. After working 3 in a row I could hardly wait to sleep in and not have to set my alarm for 4:50 in the a.m. My morning consisted of sleeping past 8:00, making cinnamon rolls, and drinking coffee. I'd like to call that a success... and call it a day.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

From the moment I wake up

Yesterday I was having a "why-can't-I-wear-my-moccosin-slippers-with-my-scrubs" kind of morning. Sadly, I don't think they would hold through a 13 hour shift [ Did I mention I was a nurse? A Pediatric Oncology nurse to be exact]. So instead I settled for my Nikes and a stop by Starbucks. Coffee can remedy any kind of morning.

You will be happy (or probably won't care) to know that I stepped back into my sweet slippers around 9:00 p.m when I got home from work. One of my sister's got me hooked on the Hunger Games series so I crawled into bed and picked up Catching Fire, only planning to read a few pages. FAIL. The hubs was dead asleep and I stayed up until some ridiculous hour of the night until I reached the last page.. How could I go to sleep without knowing how the 75th Hunger Games ended?! Looks like a trip to the book section at Target is in my very near future, or.. today. It's been a while since I've gotten lost in a book. Maybe I'll try it more often. OH hey New Year's resolution.