Thursday, January 19, 2012

Let me be honest

On days that I'm working I usually make a mental to-do list and think about how productive I'm going to be when I'm off. HA. Recently I've discovered that I need at least one day to recover, especially after 3 in a row. Being a [new] nurse is just exhausting all.the.time sometimes. Did I remember to chart that? Did I give all my medications? Crap, my kid just ripped out his I.V.. Dangit, Hgb 6.4.. add blood transfusion to my list of things to do. OH, I'm getting an admission?! I spend my day asking a million questions (Shout out to my awesome team who always helps me out!), paging Doctors, checking chemo, and praying that my kids don't spike a temp because I really don't have time for blood cultures (98.6 degrees, I LOVE you). "They" say the first year is the most difficult and then as if it were magic, things begin to click and the days get easier. I could use some magic.. and a few days off.

Pretending to know what I'm doing


Michelle said...

Two posts in one day! Look at you! lol

Anonymous said...

Guess what----a blog! And you now have one more follower. So update soon---on anything from a new flavor creamer for your coffee to Brody's latest schemes for attention!

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